Elysium Analytics: Scalable Search, Contextual Data Lake, and Data-Driven Security Analytics

Enable SOC teams having full Observability with Machine Learning based log Analysis


By combining a best-practice data science platform with free text search, any information — structured and unstructured — can be retrieved from billions of log lines. With the best aspects of Snowflake and the Kibana interface, you have an easy-to-use and scalable search solution.

Elysium Analytics provides a single pane of glass that allows for aggregated views of all users’ and entities’ activities across an enterprise. By using risk-based profilers we gain full visibility into any anomalous and suspicious behavior through risk-based scoring of the event data.

Samples/Tables Included:

  • Threat-Intel aggregated data
  • Stats by unique IP, URL’s by day/week/month
  • Sample Security Event data
  • Tables: Windows, Firewall, Exchange….

Fields Included:

  • IP
  • URL

Example Use Case:
Use the threat intel curated data to join your security event data and alert on the matches.
Use the sample security event data for developing models

Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Elysium Analytics provides a solution for security-minded mid-sized to large enterprises who are challenged by the volume off security log data both from an infrastructure as well as an analytics and detection perspective and want a SaaS solution that simplifies onboarding of data, provides a scalable data lake, search and analytics models on Snowflake. Unlike the other log analysis vendors in this market, our SaaS offering is infinitely scalable, open (no vendor lock-in, customizable analytics models, APIs for end user development of analytics models) and is licensed on a usage basis lowering cost and removing financial risk.

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