Element Data: Cancer Moonshot Patent Data

Cancer Data


USPTO Cancer Moonshot Patent Data was generated using USPTO examiner tools to execute a series of queries designed to identify cancer-specific patents and patent applications. This includes drugs, diagnostics, cell lines, mouse models, radiation-based devices, surgical devices, image analytics, data analytics, and genomic-based inventions.
This curated dataset consists of 269,353 patent documents (published patent applications and granted patents) spanning the 1976 to 2016 period and is intended to help identify promising R&D on the horizon in diagnostics, therapeutics, data analytics, and model biological systems

There is only one main table that consists of 30 columns,

The list of some key columns included:
CPC Family ID, identifies all related U.S. patent documents

A single ID column that provides Publication ID.

U.S. patent application filing date.

Name of the applicant that filed the FDA drug application (source: FDA Orange Book)

CPC-based technology category, 1 indicates inventive subject matter pertaining to drugs and chemistry (CPC Inventive classification A61K or C07)

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