Edge Delta: Global Data

Visibility into algorithms and the global anomaly trends within architectures


Detecting operational issues and security threats is a challenge most companies deal with on a daily basis. There are many tools and technologies designed to tackle this problem. Edge Delta provides a unique, anonymized output of security and operational anomalies detected by the platform. The global anomaly database can be used to correlate your infrastructure issues and threats with those of organizations across the globe to understand if your issues are unique, or systemic.

Use the global anomaly database to understand if an issue you’re facing with a public cloud provider is an issue other organizations are facing as well. You can calculate the anomaly trends for the current time range and easily spot if a systemic spike is occurring within that moment.

* Timestamp of each anomaly detected globally

*Date/Time (EPOCH MS)

Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Edge Delta is a platform designed to optimize centralized monitoring solutions by intelligently summarizing machine data. Edge Delta helps customers enhance their business continuity by providing limitless observability while significantly reducing the costs of existing systems.

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