Earnest Research: Foot Traffic

Geolocation data that measures visitation trends for 500+ companies


Earnest Foot Traffic captures visitation activity to over 650,000 points of interest and 500 companies from 30 million anonymized iOS and Android devices throughout the U.S. The Foot Traffic data enables clients to understand company specific trends across dozens of sectors while also keeping track of macroeconomic activity as states re-open and close.

Earnest Foot Traffic is updated weekly with a five day lag and includes history going back to December 2017.

Example use cases:
– Monitor the categories within the consumer economy that are seeing the largest increases in foot traffic as states reopen and drill down into the companies that are driving the growth.
– Analyze how visits to merchants have shifted by day-of-week and time-of-day in the wake of COVID-19.
– Screen visitation trends by state to see which merchants have the most exposure to states that are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

About the Provider:

Earnest Research provides restaurants, retailers, e-commerce companies and institutional investors with critical knowledge on consumer behavior to power data-driven business decisions. With accurate and near real-time data on sales, foot traffic, orders and other purchasing trends, Earnest enables companies to deeply understand customer habits and gain valuable intelligence on sales trends, market share, and competitive dynamics.

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