Earnest Research: Consumer Spend – Company KPIs

Credit and debit card spend data measuring top-line metrics at 200+ public companies


KPI Spend enables clients to forecast top-line growth trends for 200+ public companies with a high degree of conviction. By tracking key metrics such as sales, average ticket, transactions, end-of-period subscribers, gross adds, and churned subscribers, EarnestKPI provides near real-time insight into the performance of companies and sectors across the consumer economy.

KPI Spend is updated daily with a six day lag and includes history going back to February 2015.

Example use cases:
– Track intra-quarter sales trends on a daily basis to monitor how companies are performing relative to sell-side revenue expectations.
– Monitor subscriber trends at streaming companies to see whether or not new content is driving gross adds or if price increases are leading to churn.
– Screen for retailers that are seeing positive comps despite a staggered back-to-school shopping season.

About the Provider:

Earnest Research provides restaurants, retailers, e-commerce companies and institutional investors with critical knowledge on consumer behavior to power data-driven business decisions. With accurate and near real-time data on sales, foot traffic, orders and other purchasing trends, Earnest enables companies to deeply understand customer habits and gain valuable intelligence on sales trends, market share, and competitive dynamics.

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