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Eagle Alpha offers clients a single place to trial datasets from new-to-market and established vendors in the alternative and external data market, all delivered conveniently into the Snowflake environment. We currently offer 20+ customizable Snowflake-ready datasets inclusive of every alternative data category, including geolocation, consumer transaction, employment, social media sentiment, and web-scraped pricing.

Some examples of datasets we have available for trials:

  • Geolocation Dataset: Daily rollup product that offers single location-level daily counts of unique store visitors per hour. Stores and physical assets included within this product are mapped to their FiGi and ISIN codes for ease of application. Locations are supplied with their address components making aggregations at different geographic scales simple to do. Also included are time-series normalisation features that provide robust trends insight over long periods of time.
  • Consumer Transaction Dataset: Product includes daily transaction aggregations to merchant and ticker level from millions of active consumer payment cards (processed daily) including, active personal debit cards and alternative debit cards like General Purpose Reloadable (GPR), gift and reward prepaid cards. Also included are insights into additional demographics not found in other transaction panels (i.e. millennials, low-to-middle income families, unbanked).
  • Employment Dataset: Product includes an in-depth view of the workforces of companies around the world gathered from 380 million public profiles and 40 million job postings. The company leverages advancements in AI technologies to turn hundreds of millions of online profiles, resumes, and job postings into clear insights such as tracking retention rates relative to competitors for specific job roles.

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About the Provider:

Eagle Alpha, the leading alternative data aggregator, offers straightforward trials of leading data vendor products customized specifically for you, the Snowflake customer.

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