Dynata: Dynata Profile Packs

Pre-packaged member attributes for driving marketing and research projects


Our global reach includes more than 62 million consumers and business professionals – vetted, verified and fully permissioned with billions of data points. Our advanced techniques for hard-to-reach audiences ensure we can find the right people, from asking people to describe their job in their own words to leveraging machine learning to sort them into relevant categories and confirming their identity via publicly available information about professional credentials.

Data Packs:
– AUTOMOTIVE: Ownership, make, model, new or used
– BEHAVIORS & INTERESTS: Dining, fashion, food, traveling, sports
– MEDIA CONSUMPTION: Books, TV, online, music, films
– FINANCE & INSURANCE: Accounts, credit cards, insurance, investments
– CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY: Computer brands, mobile devices, network providers
– TRAVEL: Domestic, international, business, leisure
– OCCUPATION: Title, role, department
– VOTER: Party affiliation, registration status (US only)
– DEMOGRAPHICS: Age, gender, education, marital status, employment status, income

Tables Included:
– AUTOMOTIVE_Profile_Pack
– FINANCE_and_INSURANCE_Profile_Pack
– TRAVEL_Profile_Pack
– OCCUPATION_Profile_Pack
– VOTER_Profile_Pack

Fields Included:
– anonymized_user_id
– country
– package_name
– category
– segment
– question_id
– question_label
– answer_id
– answer_label

The exact fields and table structure may vary according to the request.

Enrich Your Data with Our First- & Third-party Data.

Mine our core asset of opted-in, first-party data and comprehensive suite of third-party data. Connect first- and third-party data to survey data to achieve an in-depth customer view, tie attitudinal and behavioral data to the same person, improve segmentation analysis, and bridge the gap between primary and secondary research.

Connect Your Data & Our Data with a Data Management Platform.

Connect your CRM data – your existing customer knowledge – with our trusted first-party data on consumer motivations to understand the why behind the buy. You can also connect research and segmentation data to a DMP to further enhance your insights.

Activate Your Data.

Create bespoke segments and identify your ideal target audience on demand with our first-party data, research surveys and custom profiling. Increase research impact by scaling your audience across 400+ media destinations.

1. An overlap between a customer users’ database and Dynata members is identified
2. Dynata assigns a unique anonymized ID to each matched user
3. The customer selects a list of profile attributes from Dynata profile packs
4. Dynata appends the profile attributes to the matched anonymized members
5. Dynata transfers the de-identified customer user list enriched with Dynata’s attributes back to the customer through a snowflake data share.
6. The customer uses the enriched anonymized and de-identified user list for insight analysis or for marketing campaign targeting.

About the Provider:

Dynata has the industry’s highest-quality data, delivering the right mix of consumers, business professionals and hard-to-reach audiences. They are vetted and verified – real people with real opinions – available and accessible for your research needs. This is the foundation of the Dynata Platform, a full suite of services for insights, activation and measurement across the entire marketing journey.

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