Drop Technologies Inc.: Survey+ – Trial

Build proprietary micro-panels for longitudinal research with customizable surveys


Leverage Drop row-level transaction data to build proprietary micro-panels for longitudinal research. Customizable surveys are unbiased (targeted via transaction, survey or demographic data) and finally give investors the ability to speak directly to consumers to understand the why behind consumer trends.

Following the survey, different deliverables can be prepared including:
Raw survey respondent-level responses
Cross-tabulations broken down by age and gender and other customizable attributes

Geography limitations: US & CA

2.9+ billion transactions tracked
430k linked panel members
500+ tickers
T+1.8 average latency
1.13 million linked debit and credit accounts

Zero party data* comes from consumers

About the Provider:

Drop is a consumer rewards platform (see App) that exists at the intersection of commerce and fintech. By connecting their spend accounts, our users receive a personalized commerce experience that allows them to seamlessly earn rewards for engaging with their favorite brands via custom offers, surveys, games and contests. This dynamic data dividend model has facilitated Drop’s access to a consumer-permissioned transactional dataset.

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