disruptivData: Snowflake Enterprise ESG Ready Investment Data Model & Warehouse

with Streamlit Demo for FactSet ESG Data Share


Robust Investment Data Model (IDM) ready to go link your Positions, Instruments and Accounts with ESG data from multiple sources. Out of the box FactSet ESG Snowflake Data cloud data share is enabled and a sample Streamlit application is provided to see your holdings and securities of interest data extended with FactSet’s scores in minutes.

Developed by DisruptivData and Exafluence, the DisruptivData Investment Model is proven, built for BI data consumption and logically organized by domain:

-Positions and Position Split (tax lots, strategy)
-Performance Attribution
-Market Data

The IDM offers Intra-day Cash Updates as well as Fund of Funds, FX/Cash Overlay and Derivative look-throughs.

Easily extensible by your team or ours this is a full featured enterprise model/warehouse ready to use the Snowflake Data Cloud and other data sources.

No upfront license fee, long term commitments or mandatory support fees offering the lowest TCO in the business. We are able to provide Metadata and Rules catalogs, Codeless Data Quality and Gold Copy capabilities as well. Structured and semi-structured data can be sourced, curated and deployed via automated data pipelines with full lineage, logging and audit in mind.

Support, Migration and Initialization services are available. DisruptivData provides a new way forward without lock in leveraging the power of Snowflake and its Data Cloud ecosystem. Learn more at [email protected]


About the Provider:

DisruptivData provides Snowflake Native Apps for the Investment Management Industry including this Enterprise Investment Data Model and ready to use Streamlit ESG Data solution for FactSet using the Snowflake Data Cloud. We provide world-class solutions without long-term contracts, amazing prices and affordable support.

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