Discovery Data: Diversity & Inclusion Data

Comprehensive diversity and inclusion data on financial advisors and insurance agents.


Discovery Data provides the most accurate and trusted information on the firms and people essential to the financial services and insurance industries. Our data, analytics, and services create actionable intelligence that enable our clients to more effectively target opportunities and execute go-to-market initiatives.

In the end, revenue is accelerated and business goals are achieved. With an unwavering focus on excellence, we deliver unparalleled results for our clients’ sales, marketing, and recruiting departments.

Diversity & Inclusion Data Fields:
– 99% Coverage on Reps and Agents in Discovery Data
– 7 U.S. Census-level Race Designations
– 170 Distinct Ethnicity Filters
– 84 Languages Spoken
– Assimilation Levels
– Relative Affluence
– Minority & Women-Owned Businesses

Empower Your Outreach:
– Build a culture that reflects the clients and communities you serve with diversity and inclusion data to benefit recruiting, hiring, and staff retention
– Get accurate and actionable intelligence on rep and agent diversity with a vast number of insights
– Identify diverse advisors and agents with the proper credentials to help you meet your diversity goals
– Gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s background

Know Your Market Inside and Out:
Our proprietary Discovery Data FRAME process provides the most accurate data on the financial services industry for sales, marketing, recruiting, analytics, and data management. No other provider outperforms our data in:
– Breadth
– Depth
– Accuracy
– Number of Attributes
– Value and ROI


About the Provider:

Discovery Data is the market leader in data, insights, and analytics in the financial services industry. We are committed to empowering clients to trust their decisions and their data. As their strategic go-to-market partner, we improve the impact of their data-driven sales, marketing, and recruiting to increase win rates and accelerate growth.

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