Discovery Data: Advisor Intent Data (Sample)

A preview of our timely, context-rich intent data based on customized categories and keywords.


Discovery Data provides the most accurate and trusted information on the firms and people essential to the financial services and insurance industries. Our data, analytics, and services create actionable intelligence that enable our clients to more effectively target opportunities and execute go-to-market initiatives.

In the end, revenue is accelerated and business goals are achieved. With an unwavering focus on excellence, we deliver unparalleled results for our clients’ sales, marketing, and recruiting departments.

With this demo listing you’ll receive access to a sample list of advisor intent signals based on example categories we have selected. Please view our Personalized Advisor Intent Data listing for access to the full dataset.

Advisor intent data allows you to directly engage individual advisors through context-rich, timely signals based on customized keywords and categories, enabling you to engage with advisors currently expressing intent in your specific offerings. Using patented, cookie-free data capture technology in conjunction with data science, we provide a bundle of pre-qualified leads (at the individual CRD level) combined with Discovery Data’s business profile and contact information to enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

Customizable Product Types to Fit Your Needs Including:
– Mutual Funds
– ETFs
– Alternatives
– Annuities
– Software & Technology
– Recruiting
– And More

Sample Keywords and Terms to Help Define Your Business Goals:
Equities: Biotech, Large Cap, Real Estate, SRI, Tech, Utilities, Value
Bonds: Converts, Emerging Markets, High Yield, Munis, Total Market
Retirement Planning: 401ks, Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Rollovers
Wealth Management: 529s, CRM, PM Software, Regulations, Taxes
Recruiting: Breakaways, Going Independent, Considering a move to a new firm

Empower Your Outreach:
What can you do with the most accurate financial services industry data on all FINRA and SEC registered firms and professionals in your market?

– Find RIA firms by AUM, investment strategies, types of clients they work with, and more
– Analyze asset growth year-over-year
– Uncover changes in asset allocation models
– Segment firms by investments and custodial platforms utilized
– Track rep movement, breakaways, and M&A activity
– Access custom RIA brochure keyword search and conference analytics
– Improve your lead generation and go-to-market efforts with accurate professional contact data
– And much more!

Know Your Market Inside and Out:
Our proprietary Discovery Data FRAME process provides the most accurate data on the financial services industry for sales, marketing, recruiting, analytics, and data management. No other provider outperforms our data in:
– Breadth
– Depth
– Accuracy
– Number of Attributes
– Value and ROI

About the Provider:

Discovery Data is the market leader in data, insights, and analytics in the financial services industry. We are committed to empowering clients to trust their decisions and their data. As their strategic go-to-market partner, we improve the impact of their data-driven sales, marketing, and recruiting to increase win rates and accelerate growth.

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