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Provides verified information on more than 15 million businesses.


The Infogroup Places database has approximately 15 million verified businesses, in addition to 38.5 million other businesses that are unverified. This database is one of the premier datasets for commercial data in the United States. Key use-cases for which this data may be used include the following:

**Credit: Key variables including sales size, business age, business liens, business industry, and expenses, may be utilized in underwriting models assessing the credit quality of a business.

**Contacts: The primary contact for each business is provided as available for marketing and outreach purposes.

**Pre-Fill: Given the high quality and depth of coverage, Infogroup may be utilized to power applications and provide drop-down assistance to an applicant who may be filling out information about their business.

**Verification: During the course of verifying a business name, business address, and EIN, Infogroup can be utilized to ensure that these and other key pieces of information are accurate and the information an applicant is providing is not fraudulent.

**Marketing Filters/List: Given the database size as well the many different variables available to categorize them, Infogroup is a natural tool for identifying which businesses to market to or enrich an existing business list with additional information for marketing purposes.

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About the Provider:

Infogroup is a provider of business data and marketing solutions.  Infogroup verifies information on more than 15 million records with information such as address, geographic location, number of employees, and the names and contact details of the primary contacts. Infogroup collects data from more than 6,000 sources, including 250 new business resources, web research, news monitoring, and user generated content.  They also call businesses individually to determine if there are any updates to their records.

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