DemystData: Consumer Transactions

A sample of consumer transactions from a large 5yr+ panel of 4 Billion+ consumer debit card transactions


Demyst has partnered with a publicly-traded financial technology company headquartered in the United States to provide a very large panel of debit card transaction data on a daily basis. The data comes from one of the world’s largest prepaid debit card companies and is a primary issuer of prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards within the United

The cards are normal debit cards, and are not lines of credit products. Purchases are deducted from the balance stored on the card. The user can add more money to the card by paying cash at a retail store’s point of sale, or in certain cases from a consumer’s paycheck. Typically consumers purchase and use these products as an alternative to brick-and-mortar branch banking products. Essentially the debit card purchased at any of over 100,000 retailers and is the largest bank network in the world and the product is a $5 bank account.

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Demyst helps you navigate the complexities of the external data ecosystem and safely leverage the most impactful data. We have over 500 data products available through our External Data as a Service offering.

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