DemystData: Business Data Enrichment

Enrich your business data with name-brand external data providers through the Demyst platform


DemystData is the leading provider of name-brand data from the biggest and most disruptive providers of external data globally.

This enrichment job will provide 6 tables back to your Snowflake instance:
  • A wide table with 3 well-known business data providers worth of data
  • 1 table for each of the providers individually
  • 1 table with match statistics on the data you have provided
  • 1 table with intricate data dictionaries describing the many attributes
For this function to work correctly you MUST provide at least 500 records of your data in a table that observes the following format:
  • `business_name`: The name of a company. (Cannot be empty)
  • `street`: A street name, with unit/apt, if any.
  • `city`: The name of a city. (Cannot be empty)
  • `state`: A valid 2 character United State(s) abbreviation. (Cannot be empty)
  • `post_code`: A valid United State(s) 5 digit Zip Code

Demyst will randomly select 10% (50 records from what you provide) and run the enrichment on that population to prove the capability (Demyst can run this on Millions of records once a commercial relationship has been established).
*any data provided by Demyst is STRICTLY for evaluation use only.

About the Provider:

For the right business problems, Demyst’s External Data as a Service delivers impactful, curated, maintained, private shared multi source data under a single license. We navigate the complexities of ongoing automated discovery, compliance and diligence reviews and ongoing streaming infrastructure through the Snowflake platform so you don’t have to. Our clients are leading tier 1 players who safely consume 10x more data because of our service.

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