Demyst: Vehicle Specifications – Premium Data Collection

Find out more about an entity's vehicular ownership by entering just their name and address.


Use this recipe to prefill US vehicle information for auto insurance applications — it avoids the errors and omissions that can occur when asking customers to provide their own information, and it reduces the tedious manual work that results in application drop-offs. This recipe augments data from Infutor with EpiAnalytics to improve coverage of standard vehicle information such as car make, model, VIN, and more, as well as using Infutor to gather vehicle owner information if available including name, address and number of other vehicles owned. It offers additional insights into vehicle housing risks (such as the presence of a garage and vehicle theft rates) through HazardHub. To use this recipe, input the VIN number of the vehicle.

Expected Workflow:
User shares data with Demyst.
Demyst enriches data.
Demyst shares data back to user through Snowflake data share.

About the Provider:

The Demyst platform provides accelerated deployment of external data solutions for the world’s leading banks, insurers and fintechs. Demyst’s platform eliminates the friction associated with data procurement, testing, and deployment to unlock innovation and drive business growth. Unlock the power of external data with access to 1,000’s of data providers worldwide via a single API.

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