Demyst: Email Address and Phone Number Fraud Risk Signals – Premium Data Collection

Quickly checks the validity and assesses risk of onboarding a customer with just an email/phone input.


Use this recipe as part of a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process to identify email addresses and phone numbers that have a higher risk of being associated with fraudulent activity. Each of the data connectors in this recipe specializes in different aspects of verification to deliver more comprehensive results with less effort, providing a comprehensive set of risk signals — the Seon Email V2 API combines hundreds of data sources to provide an in-depth email investigation tool; the Ekata Identity Check API employs more than 70 data signals and network insights; and ZeroBounce covers more than 30 status and sub-status codes for email addresses. To use this recipe, input a country of residence, phone number, and email address along with first name and last name (if that data is available). Note that this recipe cannot be used in the United States or Europe without replacing or removing the “Seon Email V2” data connector.

Expected Workflow:
User shares data with Demyst.
Demyst enriches data.
Demyst shares data back to user through Snowflake data share.

About the Provider:

The Demyst platform provides accelerated deployment of external data solutions for the world’s leading banks, insurers and fintechs. Demyst’s platform eliminates the friction associated with data procurement, testing, and deployment to unlock innovation and drive business growth. Unlock the power of external data with access to 1,000’s of data providers worldwide via a single API.

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