Demyst: Contact Data Uplift for Marketing – Premium Data Collection

This recipe is meant to be used by marketing teams in order to validate and update contact information


Use this recipe to validate and update contact information for existing customers. It can be used to improve contact information coverage to optimize customer outreach, increasing the return on marketing efforts. This recipe uses MailboxLayer and Neutrino to validate email addresses and phone numbers, and Telesign, Ekata, and PIPL to return other contact information associated with the contact details provided. When using this recipe, you provide all currently available contact details, such as phone number, email address, first and last name, and country of residence to validate existing information and receive additional contact details.

Expected Workflow:
User shares data with Demyst.
Demyst enriches data.
Demyst shares data back to user through Snowflake data share.

About the Provider:

The Demyst platform provides accelerated deployment of external data solutions for the world’s leading banks, insurers and fintechs. Demyst’s platform eliminates the friction associated with data procurement, testing, and deployment to unlock innovation and drive business growth. Unlock the power of external data with access to 1,000’s of data providers worldwide via a single API.

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