Demyst: Consumer Watchlist and Fraud Screening – Premium Data Collection

This recipe can be used to flag fraud and bad actor risks in real time, reducing manual reviews.


A regulated financial services firm has obligations to conduct know-your-customer (KYC) checks on consumers that it wishes to do business with. This involves confirming that a customer is who they say they are in order to reduce fraud and other bad-actor risks. You can use this recipe to establish an automated process that can flag for relevant risks in real-time, reducing manual reviews to only those that require it and providing a more seamless customer experience. This recipe uses Acuris to check an individual’s presence against various international AML, Fraud, PEP, and other high-risk watchlists, Seon to check the validity of a customer-provided email, and Neutrino to check the validity of a customer-provided phone. To use this recipe, please enter at least an individual’s first and last name, email, phone and country, as well as providing an input value of “True” for each type of watchlist of interest, and a threshold value of “90”.

Please note that this recipe cannot be used in the United States or in Europe without replacing “Seon Email V2” with an another data connector such as “Neutrino Email Validate”, or removing entirely.

Expected Workflow:
User shares data with Demyst.
Demyst enriches data.
Demyst shares data back to user through Snowflake data share.

Data API Outputs:
-Records found on Acuris watchlist (“acuris_watchlist_records_found”)
-Records found on Nomino watchlist (“Nomino_data_watchlist_records_found”)
-Phone number provided is valid (“neutrino_phone_validate”)
-Socials found associated with email provided (“seon_socials_found_facebook”, “seon_socials_found_google”,
-Email provided has been compromised (“seon_email_haveibeenpwned_listed”)
-Fraud score for email provided (“seon_email_fraud_score”)

Recommended Data API inputs:

About the Provider:

The Demyst platform provides accelerated deployment of external data solutions for the world’s leading banks, insurers and fintechs. Demyst’s platform eliminates the friction associated with data procurement, testing, and deployment to unlock innovation and drive business growth. Unlock the power of external data with access to 1,000’s of data providers worldwide via a single API.

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