DataHawk: eCommerce Analytics (Demo-Sample)

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DataHawk data, products, and solutions were built for analytics and machine learning and since 2017 have enabled companies the ability to quantify their performance, optimize strategy, improve resource planning, and much more.

This dataset is reflecting data captured by our demonstration workspace: Subscribe to our paid version to configure your own workspace and access your own data from monitored products, keywords, brands, categories, and more.

Easily join this dataset with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable eCommerce business intelligence.

Our data-sharing model covers all our solutions:
– SEO: Track, benchmark, and optimize products search performance
– PRODUCT: Monitor and benchmark changes in products details
– FINANCE: Run easier reporting and correlate sales data with other metrics
– ADS: Monitor and analyze your advertising performance
– MARKET: Valuable Insights for Market Research and Intelligence

Fields included:
– Product Title, Description, Brand, Price, Ratings, Sales estimate, Badges, etc.
– Organic/Sponsored Rank and Page Rank
– Best Seller rank
– Impressions, Clicks, ACoS, Attributed sales, etc.
– Orders, Quantity, etc.

About the Provider:

DataHawk is an eCommerce Analytics and Optimization Platform for Amazon and Walmart that helps the world’s most data-driven brands measure performance and generate insights to increase sales and margins.

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