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Description: is the modern catalog for data and analysis. Choose to activate the hidden data workforce within your enterprise, multiply your data’s value, and create a data-driven culture—faster.

Datasets in the Snowflake Data Exchange include, but are not limited to:

  • Humanitarian Aid Funding Data
  • American Community Survey, 2016
  • IRS 990 Data
  • Science Data from CNEOS
  • Coin Metrics
  • Ebola Health Data from the United States Department of Health & Human Services
Update Frequency:

Daily, Weekly, and Yearly datasets

About the Provider: is the modern catalog for data and analysis. It activates your hidden data workforce, multiplies data’s value, and creates a data-driven culture—faster. The enterprise platform brings together people of all roles, backgrounds, and skills to collaborate using the tools they already love. The knowledge graph, built on patented technology, keeps data linked to everything people need to find, understand, and use it. As a result, your data and analysis are more discoverable, trustworthy, and reusable.

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