Data n Dashboards: Stats NZ Population Estimates

Subnational population estimates (Region, TA, SA2), by age and sex, 1996-2020 (2020 boundaries)


Estimates of the resident population of New Zealand’s 16 regions, 67 territorial authority areas, and 21 Auckland local board areas and statistical area 2 gives the best available measure of the size (by age and sex) of the population usually living in each area. This dataset is aligned with the 2020 geographic boundaries. The Population estimates from June 2018 are based on the 2018 Census results. This dataset can easily be joined with SA2 and higher geographic GIS to develop population maps.

Table Included:
– Stats NZ Population Estimates

– TA Region
– Area (statistical area 2)
– Area Code
– Year at 30 June (1996 to 2020)
– Age (comprises of various age groups)
– Sex (male, female and total people)
– Value (population count)

Example Use Case:
Use the population estimates data to know about the demographics within your area of interest. Get to know about the potential market size or develop the policy by keeping the demographical structure in front. Where are most of the certain age group people concentrated and how to increase their wellbeing or do place-making for a positive impact.

Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ).

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