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Geographic Data Service


Statistics New Zealand uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to share spatial and geographic data. Spatially enabling statistical data is fundamental to the future, allowing the visualisation of data to reveal interesting facts and new ideas that traditional statistical data formats cannot provide.

By connecting this geographic data with other datasets available in Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand users can create spatial maps useful for almost every industry. This dataset can give powerful insights in a visually compelling way, helping in decision making.

Total number of tables:
There are 115 different GIS datasets

Boundary type:
Clipped generalised
Centroid inside
Centroid true
Higher geographies
Geographic boundaries:
Statistical Area 1
Statistical Area 2
Territorial authority local board
Territorial authority
Regional council
Community board
Maori constituency
Maori ward

About the data source:
Data collected from Statistics New Zealand


About the Provider:

We provide a one-stop solution for organisations’ internal and external data n dashboards needs, that helps you to get insights, take decisions and report on the progress. From data collection to data cleaning to data warehousing to dashboards development we help you in your data journey.

Data n Dashboards is proud and humbled to introduce “Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand”. It is a comprehensive data solution that comprises of around 400 datasets from around 40 different public and private organisations in one place.

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