Data n Dashboards: Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Injuries and compensation related datasets


Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC’s no-fault scheme if they’re injured in an accident. This includes children, beneficiaries and students. It doesn’t matter if they’re working, unemployed or retired. It also includes visitors to New Zealand.

ACC helps when a person is injured in an accident, work to prevent injuries from happening, help businesses manage employee injuries while encouraging safer workplaces, help health providers to register with it, lodge and manage claims and invoice.

Total number of tables:
There are 3 different tables in this dataset.

Topics included in this dataset:
Claims by the accident scene
Claims by age band
Claims by years

Data by geographic breakdowns:
Territorial Authority

Other cross-tabs:
Accident cause
Active claims
Active costs
New claims in a year

About the data source:
Data provided by Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

About the Provider:

We provide a one-stop solution for organisations’ internal and external data n dashboards needs, that helps you to get insights, take decisions and report on the progress. From data collection to data cleaning to data warehousing to dashboards development we help you in your data journey.

Data n Dashboards is proud and humbled to introduce “Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand”. It is a comprehensive data solution that comprises of around 400 datasets from around 40 different public and private organisations in one place.

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