Data Axle: Consumer Data

Complete information on 310 million individuals and 117 million households


Data Axle’s proprietary consumer database has millions of data points on US and Canadian consumers. Data Axle works tirelessly to ensure that the data is up-to-date, secure, and accurate.
Our Consumer Data is used for many use cases including:

1. Build a List of Consumers – Get a list of consumers based on target criteria. Hundreds of criteria available to build your target list including:

– Age / Income / Home Value
– Gender / Length of Residence / Geography
– Ethnicity / Spoken Language / Religion
– Marital Status / Children (age, gender) / Own/Rent
– Mortgage Information / Residence Type / Lifestyle Data
– Hobbies/Interests / Financial Information / Political Affiliation / Automobile Information / New Movers / New Homeowners
– Veterans / … and many more

2. Enrich Customer Information – Get complete and updated information on your customers. Consumer profile Information includes the following:

– Name / Current Address / Phone
– Income / Wealth / Digital Footprint
– Ethnicity / Spoken Language / Religion
– Marital Status / Children Present / Donor Information
– Mortgage Information / Life Events / Lifestyle Data
– Hobbies/Interests / Pets / Personal Finance / Automobile Information / Political Affiliation / Purchase Behavior / … and many more

3. B2C Link – B2C Link is a unique blend of Data Axle’s Business and Consumer Databases linking executives, professionals and business owners to their place of residence and the demographics of their household. This enables meaningful connections between the individuals at work and their home. This unique ability to view both personal and business insights in one profile redefines the way customers can target audiences and identify existing customers as commercial prospects.

About the Provider:

Data Axle, previously known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of business and consumer data.

For nearly 50 years, we have helped sales and marketing teams find new customers and grow their businesses with targeted prospects, data hygiene and enrichment services, real-time business intelligence solutions, and more. Our data also powers applications that touch people on a daily basis such as search, navigation, telematics, postal delivery, government planning, philanthropy, elections, banking, insurance, etc.

In the past, you may also have known us as InfoUSA, Yesmail, Salesgenie, Donnelley Marketing, Polk Directories, American Business Information, or by another one of our product names. Now, we’re simply Data Axle.

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