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Thousands of people move every single day. If you’re interested in gaining new business, why not utilize a list of New Movers? Our New Movers list removes the headache of constantly building your own list from scratch. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly updates and we’ll send you the most up-to-the-minute information as often as you desire it so you can offer your unique products and services.

Additionally, our data experts maintain records of information like pending sales and recently sold homes, allowing you to fully customize your offer. This includes targeting customers who are preparing to move (but haven’t moved yet)!

It’s no secret that quality data is key to your company’s growth. That’s why we invest over $20 million each year and dedicate more than 300 full-time researchers to help ensure our records are kept up to date. Want to make your list of New Movers even more targeted? Data Axle provides you with dozens of search selections so you can narrow down your target audience. Choose from selects such as:
• Income
• Geography
• Distance of move
• Date
• And more

In addition to powering the top search engines, Data Axle provides points of interest data to the majority of in-vehicle navigation systems, as well as services Fortune 100 companies, mom-and-pop stores, and everyone in between.

Consumers, especially new movers, often invest a lot of money and other resources before, during, and long after their move. Connecting with them at the right time is key to establishing a relationship with them before your competition even knows they exist.

About the Provider:

Data Axle, previously known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of business and consumer data.
For nearly 50 years, we have helped sales and marketing teams find new customers and grow their businesses with targeted prospects, data hygiene and enrichment services, real-time business intelligence solutions, and more. Our data also powers applications that touch people on a daily basis such as search, navigation, telematics, postal delivery, government planning, philanthropy, elections, banking, insurance, etc.
In the past, you may also have known us as InfoUSA, Yesmail, Salesgenie, Donnelley Marketing, Polk Directories, American Business Information, or by another one of our product names. Now, we’re simply Data Axle.

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