Cybersixgill: Darkfeed

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Darkfeed by Cybersixgill is the industry’s most comprehensive deep and dark web intelligence stream of IOCs. Use the data to track, trend and gain data-driven actionable insights to the IOCs collected by Darkfeed. Gain better understanding of malware TTPs and trends. The Darkfeed’s IOCs contain both standard STIX properties and custom Cybersixgill properties, providing contextual information. The Darkfeed is comprised by a number of subfeeds, each presenting a different type of IOC. The subfeed can be identified by the “feedID” and “feedname” fields

The use of Cybersixgill’s data is subject to the terms of the following EULA:

Sample Tables:
A table that consists of IP addresses, URLs, Domains and Hashes

Fields Included:

Disclaimer – As Cybersixgill product consists of publicly available information from the deep and the darkweb, we provide a confidence score, see sixgill_confidence field.

About the Provider:

Cybersixgill is a new breed of cyber threat intelligence, offering a full suite of solutions that are powered by the largest, automated collection of deep, dark and clear web activity on the market. Widely used by enterprises, MSSPs, governments and law enforcement entities, Cybersixgill solutions are scalable, searchable and seamlessly integrated into existing security stacks, equipping security teams with the insights they need to protect their various assets in the face of the ever-accelerating cyber threatscape.

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