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ESG ratings on 17,000 entities back to November 2010. Environment, Governance, Community and Employees.


The core of our dataset: the 17,000 entities that currently have overall ratings. Includes >90% of world market cap (publicly traded entities), plus hundreds of large private entities, and more than 150 government entities. Monthly history back to November 2010 (when it is available–many of these companies have only recently begun sharing enough ESG data to become rated).

More than 800 ESG sources contributed the data we use to find the consensus view of these entities. Our big data model normalizes, maps, and weights 11,500 different sustainability-related indicators that touch on carbon emissions, water use, leadership ethics, diversity, philanthropy, training, compensation, and transparency.

Our full data set covers 50,000 entities and offers an additional 12 indicators underneath the four described above. It reaches back to December 2008 and includes entities that have merged, gone out of business, etc., since the inception of our dataset. We offer the full data set under different terms (please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in the full data set). Our full data set also includes a number of alternate company names, the company web site address, address, industry, and description information.

The Trial data set is for only the current components of the Dow Jones 30 index.

Fields for both Trial and Production data sets are:
– CSRHUB_ID (invariant identifier for each entity)
– COMPANY_NAME (name of the entity)
– ISIN (the ISIN for the entity, available for > 90% of the data set)
– TICKER (the ticker for the entity, available for >90% of the data set)
– INDUSTRY_DESC (an industry description based on a modified NAICS code)
– DJ30TAG (is the entity a member of the current Dow Jones 30 Index?)
– COMMUNITY (rating for product, philanthropy, community development and other external social issues)
– EMPLOYEES (rating for diversity, compensation, safety, training, and other internal social issues)
– ENVIRONMENT (rating for climate change, resource management, environmental reporting, recycling, and other environment issues)
– GOVERNANCE (rating for board, leadership, transparency and other governance issues)
– RATING_DATE (the month for which the ratings are valid)
– RATING_STATUS (Y = Fully rated; P = Partially rated; only fully rated companies are included in the data set)

Example Use Cases:
Corporate Managers:
– Benchmark against your peers
– Improve stakeholder communication
– Pinpoint ESG reporting gaps
– Review your supply chain
– Uncover ESG business opportunities
Investors & Analysts:
– Screen your investment universe
– Back test to find material ESG indicators
– Share your ESG strategy with clients
– Engage with companies
– Improve asset owner reporting
Consultants & Advisors:
– Expand your ESG expertise
– Find and focus on the best reporting strategy
– Propose innovations and drive change
– Communicate with all levels of management
– Build client ESG knowledge

For each entity, we estimate an overall rating at an accuracy of plus or minus one point, at a 95% confidence interval. We then offer Environment, Governance, Employee, and Community ratings. (We split “Social” into an outside and inside signal.) The FastStart production set includes the company name, its Ticker, and its ISIN (when we have Tickers and ISINs available).

Ratings range from 0 to 100 with few scores below 10 or above 90. The midpoint of each distribution is around 50 but the distribution may be skewed. Ratings are provided as an integer (no decimal places) in this product (up to four decimal places of accuracy are available in the full CSRHub product).

About the Provider:

CSRHub offers a comprehensive global set of consensus ESG ratings and information. Founded in 2007, CSRHub’s Big Data system measures the ESG impact that drives corporate and investor environment, social and governance decisions.

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