CSRHub LLC: CSRHub ESG Business Intelligence

Big Data technology creates corporate and investment ESG solutions


Consensus ESG ratings are useful for improving corporate sustainability performance and as part of integrating ESG into an investment process. CSRHub aggregates data from >700 sources and produces 12 measures of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance for more than 40,000 public, private, and not-for-profit entities across 134 industries and more than 150 countries. CSRHub offers monthly ratings back to December 2008 and covers topics such as climate change, leadership ethics, human rights and supply chain, and employee diversity.

Samples/Tables Included:
– Dow Jones 30

Fields Include:
– Company_Name
– Ticker
– Rating_Date
– All_source_count
– Overall rating: weighted roll up of the twelve subcategory ratings below
– Board
– Community_Dev_and_Philanthropy
– Compensation_and_Benefits
– Diversity_and_Labor_Rights
– Energy_and_Climate_Change
– Energy_Transparency_Reporting
– Human_Rights_and_Supply_Chain
– Leadship_Ethics
– Product
– Resource Management
– Training_Health_and_Safety
– Transparency_and_Reporting

Example Use Cases:
Corporate Managers:
– Benchmark against your peers
– Improve stakeholder communication
– Pinpoint ESG reporting gaps
– Review your supply chain
– Uncover ESG business opportunities
Investors & Analysts:
– Screen your investment universe
– Back test to find material ESG indicators
– Share your ESG strategy with clients
– Engage with companies
– Improve asset owner reporting
Consultants & Advisors:
– Expand your ESG expertise
– Find and focus on the best reporting strategy
– Propose innovations and drive change
– Communicate with all levels of management
– Build client ESG knowledge

About the Provider:

CSRHub offers a comprehensive global set of consensus ESG ratings and information. Founded in 2007, CSRHub’s Big Data system measures the ESG impact that drives corporate and investor environment, social and governance decisions.

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