Crisp: CPG Retail and Distributor Data for BI

Unified live data from retail and distributor portals for CPG and Food Brands


In today’s fast-paced world, CPG retailers and suppliers need to be closely coordinated to ensure that business runs at speed and scale. Data has to be ready at any time, and this means the need to communicate dynamically and efficiently about sales activities, inventory levels, promotions, pricing, discounting, category performance, and more. With Crisp, retailers and distributors share a live, real-time feed of sales and inventory data all in one place – keeping shelves stocked and customers happy. At Crisp, we leverage the power of the cloud to connect and analyze all of your data sources in real-time, providing you with specific data that enables the most meaningful insights and trends for your business.

Sample Tables Available:
– Product
– On Hands
– Sales

Sample Fields/Attributes Included:
– Product Name
– Product UPC
– Average Rate of Sale
– Sales Amount
– Sales Quantity
– On Hand Quantity
– Average In-Stock
– Current In-Stock

Sample Sources Available:
– Amazon
– Kroger
– Target
– Walmart
– Whole Foods
– KeHE

Example Use Case:
Use data from the retailers and distributors you work with to analyze and augment your data for real-time insights and trends. Crisp enables you to understand your product distribution, store voids, sales velocities, comparable sales, as well as find new opportunities to grow your business.

About the Provider:

Crisp leverages the power of the cloud to connect and analyze disparate data sources to provide real-time insights and trends. This includes automating your retailer & distributor data and making it more actionable in your own tools. Food manufacturers use Crisp to manage supply more efficiently, reduce waste and skyrocket profitability.

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