Credmark Labs: Ethereum – Core

Complete Ethereum blockchain core dataset including blocks, transactions, logs, and token transfers.


Ethereum is the second largest blockchain (by market cap) which powers thousands of decentralized applications in categories like DeFi, NFTs, gaming, digital real estate, social networks, and storage amongst many others. This data share contains all historical Ethereum data across the eight core tables that make up the Ethereum blockchain.The data is updated to the latest block multiple times per hour.

Sample Tables:
– Blocks
– Transactions
– Contracts
– Token Transfers
– Logs
– 3 additional tables

Fields Included:
– Block Number
– Transaction Hash
– Gas Used
– Contract Address
– Symbol
– Total Supply
– Value
– Bytecode
– Data
– Topics
– Input
– Output
– Trace Type
– Call Type
– Gas Price

About the Provider:

Credmark runs a financial modeling platform powered by reliable on-chain data. Credmark curates and manages DeFi data making it available via API and the Snowflake Marketplace around the globe and across industries.

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