Creditsafe: Business Profiling Data Fields

For company profiling and targeted prospecting based on creditworthiness, location, industry and more


Creditsafe Business Profiling Data Files are available across 11 European countries, providing a comprehensive coverage of over 81 million business records, including more than 40 million active businesses.

Primarily used for company profiling, targeted marketing, prospecting and master data management, the Business Profiling datasets allows you to build rich account-level profiles on your customers and prospects to drive more targeted marketing campaigns and better-informed sales conversations.

Regions/Tables Available:
– Belgium (BE)
– Denmark (DK), no Sole Proprietors
– France (FR)
– Germany (DE), Registered Companies only
– Ireland (IE), Registered Companies only
– Italy (IT), Registered Companies only
– Luxembourg (LU)
– Netherlands (NL)
– Norway (NO), no Sole Proprietors
– Sweden (SE), no Sole Proprietors
– United Kingdom (UK), Registered Companies only

Fields Included:
– Creditsafe Company ID
– Date of last Change
– Status
– Creditworthiness
– Turnover Band
– Activity Code
– Number of Employees
– Legal Form
– Incorporation Date
– Region
– VAT Number

About the Provider:

Creditsafe are global leaders in commercial intelligence, providing businesses across the world a deeper understanding of their landscape to make informed decisions that help their business grow. As the world’s most used provider of online business reports we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of data gathered from thousands of official registries and trusted sources.

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