CRED iQ: CMBS Annex A-1 – Original

Certain characteristics of mortgage loans and mortgaged properties from the Annex A-1


This dataset contains Annex A-1 data for 1,800 CMBS deals.

Information from the Annex A-1 appendix of CMBS prospectus documents will vary in schema from deal to deal. This dataset provides the original data for each deal without any normalization or standardization.

Annex A-1 data includes loan data as well as mortgaged property data at origination only. Ongoing reporting is not included in this dataset.

The full schema for each individual CMBS deal is available in an online and searchable data dictionary at A few sample Annex A-1 datasets can be found here:

A typical Annex A-1 dataset will include around 200 columns and almost all datasets will start with columns like the following (exact names will differ from deal to deal):

Deal Name
Loan ID Number
Loan / Property Flag
# of Properties
Property Name
% of Initial Pool Balance
% of Loan Balance

The Annex A-1 data is sourced from prospectus documents for CMBS deals by the CRED iQ Data Team.

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