Coresignal: Company Employee Count Over Time

Employee count over time (since November 2018) data for 20M+ companies worldwide


Coresignal’s ‘Company Employee Count Over Time’ data includes continuously updated snapshots of headcount and social follower trends for more than 20 million companies globally, dating back to November 2018.

Enriched with thorough firmographic information, these data can be used to analyze company, industry, and location (down to city-level) trends over time to fuel comprehensive business intelligence and data-backed decisions.

List of tables: `company_key_data`

Data fields include:

About the Provider:

Coresignal was founded with the goal of making large amounts of raw web data accessible to companies wishing to unlock the power of data for unexplored opportunities.

With our offering of 618M professional profiles and 86M company records businesses are guaranteed to find the data to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, what sets Coresignal apart from its competition is 261M records updated monthly for unprecedented accuracy and relevance.

The data, along with 3 years of historical records, can be used to build AI & ML models, forecast market trends, and generate high-quality B2B leads.

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