CoreLogic: CoreLogic HPI Forecast

HPI Forecast provides an independent, objective view, of future real estate market changes and risk.


CoreLogic HPI Forecasts are designed to optimize a balance of data input, expertise of the analytics staff, and quality of the analytics toolset used to produce the results, generating verifiably trustworthy monthly predictions of home-price movements at the national, state, county, CBSA, and ZIP code levels up to thirty years (360 months) into the future.

CoreLogic HPI Forecasts indexes are built from the same datasets as CoreLogic HPI—the most current and comprehensive available—with broad, deep coverage that leverages the full power of the industry-standard CoreLogic real estate databases.

These datasets cover:
– 7,400-plus ZIP codes
– 1,300-plus counties
– 930-plus Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), in all 50 states (including non-disclosure) and the District of Columbia

Sample Tables:
– HPI Forecast by ZIP Code
– HPI Forecast by County
– HPI Forecast by CBSA
– HPI Forecast Market Indicator

Sample Fields:
– Home Price Index Forecast
– Home Price Index Forecast Standard Error
– Tier Name
– Long-term Fundamental Value
– Market Indicator

About the Provider:

CoreLogic provides information intelligence to identify and manage growth opportunities, improve business performance and manage risk. Our clients turn to us as a market leader for unique property-level insights backed by science and analytics. We deliver value across our clients’ business operations, addressing challenges and acting quickly to present innovative, cost-effective solutions.

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