CoreLogic: CoreLogic Housing Analytics – RentalTrends

Coverage of rent amts, cap and vacancy rates reduce decisioning time and uncertainty in the rental market.


RentalTrends provides vital time series metrics down to the ZIP code level that help you evaluate the Single Family Residential (SFR) investment and property management process. RentalTrends offers extensive coverage of rent amounts, capitalization rates and vacancy rates derived from industry leading data and modeling, allowing you to reduce decisioning time and minimize uncertainty in the rental market.

RentalTrends is a critical tool for:
– Rental income estimates
– Disposition decisions on REO properties
– Investment decisions on Single Family Residential rental properties
– Asset allocation decisions about residential rental stocks (REITs) and bonds

Sample Tables:
– Rental Trends by ZIP Code
– Rental Trends by County
– Rental Trends by CBSA
– Rental Trends by State

Sample Fields:
– Property Type
– Bedroom Count
– Mean Rent Amount
– Mean Square Footage
– Mean Capitalization Rate
– Vacancy Rate

About the Provider:

CoreLogic provides information intelligence to identify and manage growth opportunities, improve business performance and manage risk. Our clients turn to us as a market leader for unique property-level insights backed by science and analytics. We deliver value across our clients’ business operations, addressing challenges and acting quickly to present innovative, cost-effective solutions.

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