Consumer Intelligence Group: intelligentSEGMENTS – Canadian Population Segmentation System

Classifies Canadian neighbourhoods into 94 diverse segments.


intelligentSEGMENTS is a versatile segmentation system that gives you the advantage of precision targeting.

Segment your customers and build out your own personas with data from over 15.4 million Canadian households. CiG’s intelligentSEGMENTS allows you to create an accurate story of your prospects based on their behaviours and preferences to enhance your marketing efforts. Our automated system featuring fully described, actionable segments provides an in-depth overview of the Canadian population according to shared demographic, lifestyle, and behavioural traits.

Automatically cluster Canadians into 94 separate, diverse segments based on socio-economics, wealth, ethnicity, education, behaviours, expenditures, and lifestyle data.

Tables Included:
– CIG intelligentSEGMENTS

Fields Included:
– Postal Code
– intelligentSEGMENTS (including sub-segments)
– intelligentSEGMENTS descriptions

About the Provider:

CiG is a leading provider of Canadian data and insights solutions. Our insights platform, intelligentVIEW, fully automates end-to-end consumer and market analyses. Subscription includes access to 20,000+ privacy compliant data variables, intelligentSEGMENTS, mapping visualizations, and 17+ pre-built insight report templates with 100’s of customizable charts. Connect directly to your digital and direct audiences by identifying, profiling, selecting, and then shipping your target audience to your media partner, all within intelligentVIEW.

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