Consumer Intelligence Group: Canadian Demographics

Privacy-compliant data on key characteristics of the Canadian population.


Discover who your target audience is with CiG’s Base Demographics data set. Our data highlights the key characteristics of the Canadian population, nationally, provincially, or by city. Our privacy-compliant data set helps you learn about your prospects and how to reach them effectively. Profile prospects based on a variety of demographic variables and gain a greater understanding about the behaviours, attributes, and interests of your potential customers in Canada.

By requesting the Base Demographic data, you will get access to data on key attributes such as geography, age, gender, education, etc.

This data set contains up-to-date statistics on:
– Population
– Age Structure
– Household Composition
– Income
– Ethnicity
– Occupation
– And more

We also accommodate customized requests that contain the specific data variables you need.

Tables Included:
– Demographics 1
– Demographics 2

Fields Included:
– Population estimates by postal code
– Age groups by postal code
– Household size by postal code
– Income groups before and after tax by postal code
– Ethnicity including mother tongue, immigration and more by postal code
– Workforce, occupation, and education statistics by postal code
– And more

About the Provider:

CiG is a leading provider of Canadian data and insights solutions. Our insights platform, intelligentVIEW, fully automates end-to-end consumer and market analyses. Subscription includes access to 20,000+ privacy compliant data variables, intelligentSEGMENTS, mapping visualizations, and 17+ pre-built insight report templates with 100’s of customizable charts. Connect directly to your digital and direct audiences by identifying, profiling, selecting, and then shipping your target audience to your media partner, all within intelligentVIEW.

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