Compile: KOL Identification

Identify KOLs in a disease area by scoring different attributes and map their network to assess influence


Compile’s array of unified and linked data sources provide visibility into social, research, professional, practice and referral attributes for physicians. These attributes can be leveraged to identify the most influential key opinion leaders (KOLs) across therapy areas. KOLs are crucial in gaining traction with doctors and pharmacies for your brand. Identifying the right KOLs and reaching out to them can make all the difference for your brand’s profitability.

Compile uses the attributes from various data sources as a measure to come up with a final weighted score for ranking the KOLs. The KOL to physician relationship is also measured to understand their influence and map the network.

KOL Dashboard:
Along with the data, Compile offers a user friendly and intuitive dashboard to play around with the weightage of the different attributes and identify the KOLs. It also gives insights into the geographic spread, specialty distribution and an individual physician focused view.

Data Sources Included:
– Patient Level Claims Data (2015 onwards – physician’s clinical activity, referral activity)
– PubMed (2006 to Present)
– Clinical Trials
– Twitter
– Open Payments (2016 onwards)
– Affiliations
– Committees

Fields Included:
– HCP Meta Information (Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, Specialty, etc.)
– Number of publications
– Number of clinical trials
– Amount received as payment for a brand
– Volume of inbound referrals
– Number of twitter followers, MD followers
– Volume of claims

Example Use Case:
– Rank the physicians based on their social media activity
– Identify the most influential KOLs to inform targeting strategy

About the Provider:

Compile is a unified, fully linked system of record for the U.S. Healthcare market. Compile’s data offers an unprecedented level of visibility into the treatment activity of patients and network of prescribers, providers in the healthcare domain.

Compile’s database is built using graph technology that maps medical and pharmacy claims, along with a diverse set of public data sources which include CMS, PubMed, Clinical Trials, Twitter, and more. Compile’s affiliation engine links multiple linked data sources using custom algorithms that compute links between providers.

With best-in-class longitudinal medical claims coverage (~60%), high pharmacy claims coverage, superior affiliations along with an array of linked data sources Compile is the go-to solution for understanding U.S. healthcare.

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