Compile: Affiliations and Ownership Structure

Look into the real-world relationships between HCPs/HCOs and their organizational hierarchy, structure


Compile has moved beyond the traditional approach of surveys, web research, manual calls and uses a data driven approach to derive its affiliations. Understanding the relationships and affiliations between the medical practitioners (HCPs) and healthcare providers (HCOs) helps in taking informed strategic decisions. A critical part of this is to map all the different facilities that are owned by a HCOs/Health system and establish their relationship with HCPs.

Compile generates affiliations by integrating the claims data with various publicly available sources like NPPES, POS, etc. using proprietary algorithms. A score is also generated for each affiliation indicating the strength of the relationship.

Affiliations Dashboard:
Along with the data, Compile offers a user friendly and intuitive dashboard deep dive into the health system of interest and look at the affiliated physicians, strength of their affiliation, type of facilities owner, geographic breadth and the ownership structure and hierarchy.

Data Sources Included:
– Patient Level Claims Data (Medical & Pharmacy)
– CMS Physician Compare
– CMS Clinical Group
– Provider of Service
– Healthcare Group (DEA)
– IRS & SEC Filings

Fields Included:
– HCP Meta Information (Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, Specialty, etc.)
– HCO Meta Information (Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, Classification, etc.)
– Score (Strength of the affiliation)
– Parent ID
– Parent Meta Information (Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, etc.)

Example Use Case:
– Identify the primary affiliation of a physician
– Map the ownership structure of a health system

About the Provider:

Compile is a unified, fully linked system of record for the U.S. Healthcare market. Compile’s data offers an unprecedented level of visibility into the treatment activity of patients and network of prescribers, providers in the healthcare domain.

Compile’s database is built using graph technology that maps medical and pharmacy claims, along with a diverse set of public data sources which include CMS, PubMed, Clinical Trials, Twitter, and more. Compile’s affiliation engine links multiple linked data sources using custom algorithms that compute links between providers.

With best-in-class longitudinal medical claims coverage (~60%), high pharmacy claims coverage, superior affiliations along with an array of linked data sources Compile is the go-to solution for understanding U.S. healthcare.

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