Clootrack: Customer Experience Data – Beauty & Cosmetics – USA

Monthly customer experience data for all Beauty & Cosmetics brands and SKUs in the US market.


About Clootrack Platform:
– Clootrack is a real-time customer experience analytics platform. It helps brands to understand “why” customer experience drops.
– Clootrack reduces response time to CX trends by 88%, and our clients see a reduction in churn from 5-6% to 3-4% within three to six months of onboarding.
– Clootrack obtains qualitative insights from customer conversations, feedback and reviews.

About this Datashare:
– This data share includes themes of discussion, consumer sentiments, category drivers, delighters and concerns of consumers.
– This data can be segmented by brands, categories, subcategories, price, SKUs, star ratings and date range.
– The changing consumer experience can be analyzed as a trend over time. All eCommerce categories under Beauty & Cosmetics along with brands, products, sub-products can be compared against each other.
– The data set also includes actual customer verbatim.
– The data can be used to assess customer experience or to train your internal machine learning engines.
– A data dictionary, a list of all available tables and SQL queries are available in the documentation.

Note: This is a full data-set for 22,000+ brands in the Beauty & Cosmetics category in the US with over 9.6 million rows of data starting from April 2021 till date.

Tables Included:
– This table shows the consumer sentiment towards a brand.
– Customer experience trend changes over time.
– Progression in positive/negative experience based on various themes.
– Comparison of a brand against other competition for a sub-category.
– Actual Sentences & Reviews and their respective sentiments.
– Product description(SKU), Category, sub categories(L1, L2, L3..), Star ratings and respective sources.

– This table shows Category Driver and Delighters & Concerns of brands.
– The Popularity scores is out of 1500 which compared and calculated for each brand for that category driver.
– Month-wise category popularity for each brand

Fields Included:
1. SENTIMENTS_VIEW: These are the Sentiments table view fields
– Main Theme
– Main Theme Sentiment
– Sub Theme
– Sub Theme Sentiment
– Sub Theme Group
– Sub Theme Group Sentiment
– Date
– Brand Name
– Location
– Price
– Source
– L1
– L2
– L3
– L4
– L5
– L6
– Sentence
– Sentence Sentiment
– Sentiment Confidence
– Product Rating
– Max Product Rating
– Review
– Review Rating
– Max Review Rating
– Clustering Confidence

2. DRIVER_SCORES_VIEW: These are the Driver Scores table view fields
– Driver
– Driver Type [Delighters, Concerns]
– L1
– L2
– L3
– L4
– L5
– L6
– Brand
– Month
– Year
– Popularity Score
– Source

Customer Testimonials:
“We were looking at the personal care market and understanding the motivations of Brand Switch in the category. The big learning has been that the review/usage drivers can be very different from the purchase/exploration drivers. The Smartness of the Filtering, it picks the right conversations and reviews for the analysis unlike a lot of tools i have used, Zero invalid convos.”
– Vice President, CX Strategy, Mullen Lowe Lintas.

“We were working on insights from our Voice of Customer program. Clootrack helped in identifying underlying trends which may not be very evident at first glance. The insights uncovered after bringing Clootrack onboard were helpful in extracting more value from our Voice of Customer data.”
– Consumer Insights Head, Leading Retail Brand.

About the Provider:

Clootrack is the fastest Customer Experience Analytics platform. It helps you understand the actionable qualitative customer priorities, real time. Clootrack obtains these insights from customer conversations, feedbacks and reviews

Visit the provider’s website for more information

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