Clarity AI: Alignment with TCFD

Clarity AI's TCFD score helps investors understand how a company is integrating climate risks


Clarity AI’s TCFD score helps investors understand how a company is integrating climate risks and opportunities in its strategy and forward planning (vs. just backward reporting). As defined by the TCFD, the disclosures are structured around 4 thematic areas (Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, and Metrics & Targets) that represent core elements of how organizations operate; those areas are then divided into 11 recommended disclosures.

The TCFD Methodology was developed leveraging years of research by experts in sustainability / social and environmental investing and impact. This methodology is purely quantitative and systematically applied to organizations across all industries using technology and algorithms. High quality data is used to calculate TCFD scores (the output of applying machine learning algorithms and estimation models to structured and unstructured data to improve reliability and ensure the largest coverage).

Leverage Clarity AI’s technology platform to better manage portfolios for impact. Using big data and machine learning, it offers a wide range of societal and environmental impact scores and modules such as ESG Impact, UN SDGs, Climate module, and Impact of products and services.

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About the Provider:

Clarity AI provides a technology platform that leverages big data and machine learning to help investors manage portfolios for impact. Clarity AI provides insights on sustainable investing covering various modules (ESG, climate, impact, UN SDGs, and other proprietary methodologies), as well as score customization and reporting capabilities.

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