Clarifai: Clarifai AI and Snowflake Integration

This data service shows you how to integrate Clarifai with Snowflake


Clarifai offers a leading platform for building AI-powered software solutions. Clarifai supports the full AI development lifecycle; including dataset preparation, model training and deployment. Clarifai’s models can be run and setup to predict concepts from images you have in Snowflake as well as use Clarifai’s models to predict named entity recognition concepts form text you have in Snowflake. Additionally, you can always run Clarifai on your own data and have those results populate Snowflake.

Expected Workflow:

1. Create a Clarifai Account or Contact Clarifai through the listing information to setup a commercial account (
2. Create an Application within the Clarifai Portal
3. Create an API for the Application or use Personal Access Token from within the Clarifai Portal
4. Create an application that will make API calls based on the model, App, user, or workflow desired. API call will include the input information to run through Clarifai’s AI models.
5. Output of the Clarifai Model’s API call will be stored within Snowflake

About the Provider:

Clarifai is the leading deep learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing and automatic speech recognition. We help enterprises and public sector organizations transform unstructured images, video, text and audio data into structured data, significantly faster and more accurately than humans would be able to do on their own.

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