CARTO: Spatial Features (USA, Quadgrid 15 and H3 Res. 8)

Population, age & gender splits, points of interest counts and other features for spatial modelling


Spatial Features is a dataset curated by CARTO providing access to a set of location-based features with global coverage that have been unified in common geographic supports (eg. Quadgrid). This product has been specially designed to facilitate spatial modeling at scale. Spatial Features includes core demographic and environmental data, and POI aggregations by category that have been generated by processing and unifying globally available sources such as Worldpop, OpenStreetMap, Nasa and Worldclim. This listing offers public access to the data in the United States aggregated at the Quadgrid level 15 (with grid cells of approximately 1x1km) and H3 grid resolution 8.

Tables Included:
– Spatial Features – USA data – Quadgrid level 15 (1x1km)
– Spatial Features – USA data – H3 grid resolution 8

Fields Included:
– Total Population
– Population by gender
– Population by age
– Points of Interest by category (retail, transportation, tourism, healthcare, etc.)
– Urbanity level
– Elevation
– Climatology

You can check these datasets metadata and dictionary in CARTO’s Spatial Data Catalog

Example Use Case:
Incorporate geospatial signals into your revenue prediction model by enriching the trade areas of each of your stores with CARTO Spatial Features to characterise each of them based on the demographics and points of interest surrounding them. Understand how the different spatial features impact your sales across your business footprint and use them to predict your sales potential in parts of the territory where you do not have presence. How do your sales per store vary depending on the age and gender of the population surrounding them? Do you sell more when your stores are located near tourism attractions? How much more?

About the Provider:

From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way we run businesses. Everything happens somewhere, but visualizing data to see where things are isn’t the same as understanding why they happen there. CARTO is the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform, enabling organizations to use spatial data and analysis for more efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing, strategic store placements, and much more.

Data Scientists, Developers and Analysts use CARTO to optimize business processes, and predict future outcomes through the power of Spatial Data Science.

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