CACI Ltd: Household Acorn – geodemographic segmentation at household level SAMPLE DATA

Segments UK households into one of 57 Household Acorn Types based on demographics


Household Acorn classifies each household in the country into one of 5 Categories and 57 Types.

By analysing significant social factors and population behaviour, it provides precise information and an indepth understanding of the different types of household in each street in every part of the United Kingdom.

Household Acorn has been designed to enhance the advantage of small area segmentation in
identifying deprivation by recognising that individual households do not always conform to the
dominant or average life stage and family structure across a street or postcode.

The 5 Categories in Household Acorn are identical to those of the Acorn segmentation. The 57 types focus on identifying different types of household within each category and place more emphasis on discriminating by lifestage than Acorn at postcode level. For example, Household Acorn specifically discriminates between empty nester couples and families living side by side in a wealthy street. Similarly, Household Acorn discriminates between the single parent and the family with young children living in the same block of flats.

Household Acorn is supplied as a directory with each UK household allocated an Household Acorn segment. It can be used to profile different cohorts of customers, residents or service users, appended to customer records to support more advanced targeting and aggregated to describe areas using tools like a GIS platform.

Household Acorn data is easy to download and join to an addressing database using the UPRN or UDPRNS, your customer data or larger geographic areas such as catchments. It can be analysed and visualised in Snowflake and comes with a range of supporting materials such as pen portraits and knowledge sheets to help with your interpretation.

Samples/Tables Included:
– Current UK household addresses for postal areas of Bristol (BS) and Halifax (HX) with Household Acorn, Category and Type

Fields Included:
– Address
– Household Acorn Category (5 + Non-Private Households)
– Household Acorn Type (57 + 3 Non-Private Household Types)

Example Use Case:
Join the Household Acorn data to customer addresses and then join the sales data to the customer record to understand what demographic types your biggest spenders are so you can understand what is driving their spending to ensure the communications you send to them are relevant.

About the Provider:

At CACI we do amazing things with data. Our heritage of understanding people and places across the UK underpins everything we do and forms the basis of our unique range of data products and solutions. We create unrivalled insight for our clients enabling them to define and deliver appropriate targeting strategies across all consumer facing sectors. Whether you are trying to understand your existing customers or catchment areas, develop propositions, plan investment or allocate resources effectively, CACI can provide the insight to help you do just that.

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