Braze: Raw Events

Receive your Braze Currents data in Snowflake to understand your customer behavior / engagement.


Braze Currents Raw Events data includes both Messaging Engagement events and User Behavior events, for customers to run various analyses such as Marketing Pressure, Marketing Cadence, as well as per-channel analytics such as Push and Email Funnels. These events are best used in complement with our Looker Blocks, which sit on top of these events.

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About the Provider:

Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more. Braze is built specifically for today’s mobile-first world and tomorrow’s ambient computing future. Braze is set apart as the platform that allows for real-time and continuous data streaming, replacing decades-old databases that aren’t built for today’s on-demand, always-connected customer. With data, technology, and teams working together in unison, the Braze platform makes marketing more authentic, brands more human, and customers more satisfied with every experience.

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