Braze: Braze Engagement Benchmarks

Compare your engagement results across channels and industries to improve your marketing strategies.


Braze Engagement Benchmarks give Snowflake users access to industry-by-industry data on message engagement, app retention, user acquisition, and purchasing behavior, updated daily. All data in Benchmarks are anonymized and aggregated. The data are pulled from our customer base of over 1,000 global brands across 14 major industries and encompass the past year from the current date.

Tables Included:
– BENCHMARKS_AVG_TIME_TO_PURCHASE (5 columns): Average time to first purchase from user acquisition.
– BENCHMARKS_DAILY_RETENTION (4 columns): User Retention, by daily cohorts, of users that continue to reengage with an App
– BENCHMARKS_MONTHLY_RETENTION (4 columns): User Retention, by monthly cohorts, of users that continue to reengage with an App
– BENCHMARKS_PURCHASE_RETENTION (4 columns): User Retention, by monthly cohorts, of users that made a first purchase
– BENCHMARKS_USER_ACQUISITION (3 columns):User acquisition by industry and app type
– BRAZE_BENCHMARKS_365 (11 columns) Rolling annual Marketing Campaign Engagement Metrics by Industry
– BRAZE_BENCHMARKS_DOW (12 columns): Day of Week, over the past year, Marketing Campaign Engagement Metrics by Industry
– BRAZE_BENCHMARKS_MONTHLY (12 columns): Monthly Marketing Campaign Engagement Metrics by Industry

Fields Included:
– INDUSTRY: Industry associated the companies surveyed
– APP_TYPE: Android, iOS
– DOW: Day of Week (Number)
– MONTH: Month of the year
– DAY_NUM: Day Number
– MONTH_NUM: Month Number
– AVG_TIME_TO_PURCHASE: Average Time to Purchase
– AVG_TIME_TO_SECOND_PURCHASE: Average Time to Second Purchase
– PCT_FIRST_TIME_BUYERS: First Time Buyer %
– PCT_REPEAT_BUYERS: Repeat Buyer %
– DAILY_RETENTION: Daily Retention %
– MONTHLY_RETENTION: Monthly Retention %
– PURCHASE_RETENTION: Purchase Retention %
– PCT_ACQUISITION: Acquisition %
– ANDROID_PUSH_TOTAL_OPEN_RATE: Android Push Total Open Rate
– ANDROID_PUSH_DIRECT_OPEN_RATE: Android Push Direct Open Rate
– IOS_PUSH_TOTAL_OPEN_RATE: iOS Push Total Open Rate
– IOS_PUSH_DIRECT_OPEN_RATE: iOS Push Direct Open Rate
– WEB_PUSH_TOTAL_OPEN_RATE: Web Push Total Open Rate
– EMAIL_UNIQUE_OPEN_RATE: Email Unique Open Rate
– EMAIL_UNIQUE_CLICK_RATE: Email Unique Click Rate
– CONTENT_CARD_UNIQUE_CLICK_RATE: Content Card Unique Click Rate
– USED_APP_CONVERSION_RATE: Used App Conversion Rate
– PURCHASE_CONVERSION_RATE: Purchase Conversion Rate

How you can use this data:
– Compare your marketing engagement performance against a continuously updating view of aggregate performance data by industry
– Set thresholds for alerting, conduct what-if projection, or use the data in your own reporting and analytics environment to create more custom analytics

About the Provider:

Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more. Braze is built specifically for today’s mobile-first world and tomorrow’s ambient computing future. Braze is set apart as the platform that allows for real-time and continuous data streaming, replacing decades-old databases that aren’t built for today’s on-demand, always-connected customer. With data, technology, and teams working together in unison, the Braze platform makes marketing more authentic, brands more human, and customers more satisfied with every experience.

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