Black Knight: Pre-Foreclosure

Public Records Data -- Accurate, comprehensive and current foreclosure data


Black Knight’s public record Pre-Foreclosure data provides information on properties in default with details that include the lender’s name, borrower name, original loan amount, unpaid balance, auction information and more.

As a leading provider of property data, Black Knight delivers highly accurate and actionable property intelligence. Our property record data consist of Assessments, Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments & Releases and Pre-Foreclosure filings. Black Knight’s data is refreshed daily with information sourced directly from over 3100 counties. We have over 200 fields of data per record that utilize hundreds of validation rules for data quality and standardization for easy consumption. With nationwide coverage of over 155,000,000 residential and commercial property parcels (99.99% of all U.S.), Black Knight provides more than 600 million ownership, sales, assessment and mortgage records that often go back more than ten years. Black Knight’s property data saves users time in their workflows, helps identify unique opportunities and provides critical information for managing risk.

Schema Includes:
• Borrower name
• Lender name
• Recording date
• Document type (Notice of Default, Lis Pendens)
• Loan amount, loan type, term and interest rate
• Complete property address
• FIPS Code / APN / legal description
• Name of loan originator and title company

Sample Fields:
• Property Use Code
• Loan Officer’s name and NMLS ID
• Auction date, time, and location

A detailed data dictionary will be provided once data access has been approved.

About the Provider:

Where Great Data Begins — Black Knight’s industry-leading data and analytics solutions help clients reduce risk, satisfy regulatory requirements, improve retention, and create opportunities for growth. Mortgage, real-estate, capital-markets, and other professionals across the U.S. leverage our comprehensive data and innovative analytics to help inform their critical business decisions. By being a premier technology provider as well, Black Knight’s operational data insights and first-hand knowledge of how clients use data provides a unique customer-centric difference. Another key distinction comes from Black Knight being so close to the original source of property data and the deeper understanding of the intricacies of how the data is collected and defined. This means greater transparency for our clients. Black Knight’s data powers solutions for analysis, origination, verification, investment decisions, valuations, servicing, compliance reporting and more.

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