Beyond Identity: Personalized Event Data

Granular Administrative, Policy and Authenticaiton Event Data


Organizations implementing continuous authentication and Zero Trust principles need to understand who and what devices are accessing sensitive SaaS resources and the security posture of those devices.

Beyond Identity links identity to device, allowing these organizations to validate not just the identity, but the authenticating device’s security posture.

With Beyond Identity, customers own their authentication data. Beyond Identity’s personalized data on the Snowflake Marketplace offers near real-time data about the users and devices attempting to access your critical cloud resources across applications. Leveraging Beyond Identity’s event data, security teams can ensure only secured devices and authorized users access company data. This can help stop all password-based attacks, block lateral movement, and improve threat detection and incident response.

Beyond Identity continuously gathers data concerning the security posture of registered devices and forces their adherence to organizational device security policies. Real-time risk-based authentication is informed by dozens of user and device risk signals during each login – enabling customers to enforce continuous, dynamic access control across the cloud applications and resources used to operate your organization.

By leveraging personalized Beyond Identity Event logs, security teams get:

Strong Authentication
Beyond Identity eliminates passwords as an authentication method and cryptographically binds user identity to the device via the secure TPM hardware on the device. This eliminates credential-based attacks and provides a very high assurance of the user identity before allowing access to critical SaaS resources.

Granular Risk Signals and Immutable Logs
Beyond Identity captures granular device security posture data at the exact time of login such as operating system version, security software state, and device type. Authentication event data is captured and aggregated in the Beyond Identity Administrative Portal for every login attempt.

Identify Risky Users
Beyond Identity stops unauthorized users and rejects devices from authentication if they do not meet an organization’s security requirements. Unauthorized devices that are not bound to a valid identity are stopped from authenticating.

Track Admin Activity
Administrative audit of all new configuration events such as user and device additions, group creations and changes, and policy additions and updates.

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About the Provider:

Beyond Identity is fundamentally changing the way the world logs in – eliminating passwords and all phishable factors to provide users with the most secure and frictionless authentication on the planet. Our invisible, passwordless MFA platform enables companies to secure access to applications and critical data, stop ransomware and account takeover attacks, meet compliance requirements, and dramatically improve the user experience and conversion rates. Beyond Idenity’s revolutionary, zero-trust approach to authentication cryptographically binds the user’s identity to their device, and analyzes hundreds of risk signals during each authentication request and on a continuous basis – enabling companies to implement custom, risk-based access controls that were never possible before.

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