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iApp provides detailed mobile app usage information on any app in China, no matter how large or small. Some of the metrics provided include Install Base, New Users, Active Users including DAU and MAU, Time Spent, Geographical Breakdown and Demographics. Data is self-sourced, from Aurora Mobile’s market leading position in providing SDKs for developers, with the largest SDK for push notifications.

Discern which mobile apps are short & long term winners and losers. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, iQiyi, China’s Netflix, saw short term user growth, but the number of users quickly declined, eventually falling below pre-Covid levels. Meanwhile, TikTok saw a spike early in the lockdown, but they have kept those gains and continue to add users. Honour of Kings, Tencent’s biggest game, is seeing a much slower erosion of new users added during lockdown, despite the reopening of schools

Currently, over 1.4 million apps use their SDKs, growing at over 1,000 apps per day. iApp’s sample size is the largest in the market with over 1.3 billion unique mobile devices per month, or over 90% of the devices in China. The data is updated with a lag of T+3 and history goes back to 2016.

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About the Provider:

Founded in 2011, JIGUANG (Nasdaq:JG, also known as Aurora Mobile) is China’s leading mobile developer service provider. Their products include SDKs for push notifications, instant messaging, analytics, sharing, SMS and more. By offering targeted marketing (”XiaoGuoTong”), financial risk management, market intelligence and location-based intelligence, JIGUANG empowers developers and traditional industry customers to improve productivity and optimize decision making for businesses and society.

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