Atheon Analytics: SKUtrak DataShare

Over 1,700 Consumer Packaged Goods companies trust SKUtrak for daily insights into their retail supply chains


SKUtrak DataShare provides up to 730 days (2 years) of daily trading data across multiple UK grocery retailers. This data is collected, processed, curated and made available to SKUtrak Premium customers; in order to use this dataset your organisation will need a valid SKUtrak account (if you trade with a UK supermarket you may already have one).

Tables include:
– Daily product store performance (sales, availability, stock etc.)
– Daily product depot performance (stock, inbound service, outbound service)
– Product master data (including matched retailer/supplier coding)
– plus a further 9 tables

Fields include:
– Product coding and descriptions (retailer and supplier)
– Date
– Retailer
– Depot and Store coding
– Sales volume and value
– Availability
– Stock quantity (cases and units)

Example use cases:
Simple sales reporting, dynamic field sales call planning, promotional planning, promotional execution management, Flow-of-Goods profiling, store-to-depot bottlenecks, correlating service levels to availability and “lost sales”


About the Provider:

Atheon Analytics provides data and analytics products to the UK grocery sector – helping supermarket suppliers to make the most of trading data from their major retail customers.

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